Journal writing prompt pages and worksheets for teens and young adults

Journaling pages for teens and young adults

These journaling pages are a great way for teens and young adults to explore emotions and chart a course for the challenging business of growing. With inspiring quotes and mindfulness imagery, teens can really think about the issues they face at this phase of life. Each journal page features several writing prompts that make a great activity for high school students to explore ideas about healthy decision making, reducing risks, having healthy relationships, and more social emotional topics. Print a journaling page for mindfulness or for a writing prompt to encourage self-awareness. Start finding some peace today. Explore below or browse by topic.

Journaling page with writing prompt and quote about how Doing good feels good

Journaling page on good decisions and kindness

With the quote, "Doing good feels good", writing prompts encourage teens to think about how good choices feel good and kindness is its own reward.

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Journaling page on healthy family relationships

With a quote about accepting your parents for who they are, this journaling page helps teens find something positive in their parents and encourages them to be accepting of the fact that parents are human too

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Journaling page and writing prompt with quote about making choices with good character

Journaling page on how choices define your character

This journaling page for young adults includes writing prompts that explore the types of choices and characteristics that make someone a person of good character

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Journaling page on finding more happiness

The quote "Find joy in others' joy" and writing prompts encourage high school students to see where they are comparing themselves to others. Writing prompts encourage self awareness and finding happiness with you you are.

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Journaling writing prompts for high school about happiness and sadness

Journaling page on happiness and sadness

This journaling writing prompt and quote helps teens see that sadness and happiness are both part of a healthy journey through life.

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Journaling page on identity and self awareness

You be you journaling worksheet prompts teens to think about the qualities they admire, aspects of self they like, and prompts introspection on areas they'd like to imporve.

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