Writing & Journaling Prompts

These journaling pages and writing prompts are a great way for high school teens to explore emotions and chart a course for the challenging business of growing. With inspiring quotes and mindfulness imagery, high school students can really think about the issues they face at this phase of life. Each journal page features several writing prompts that make a great activity for high school students to explore ideas about healthy decision making, reducing risks, having healthy relationships, and more social emotional topics. Print a journaling page or explore more writing prompts for each topic to encourage self-awareness. Start finding some peace today.

Empowerment through responsible choices

This journaling prompt helps teens see a new perspective on making responsible choices. Many "have to dos" are really things we choose to do because they help us reach goals. These writing prompts link actions with the consequences that drive positive outcomes.

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Responsible choices and consequences

Help high school students connect how their actions have consequences. This writing prompt works with our quote, "You are connected to a family, a community, a world..." which teaches teens that the good and bad impacts of their choices go beyond themselves.

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Journal Writing Prompt for high school on Building Good Character

How choices define your character

This journaling page for young adults includes writing prompts that explore the types of choices and characteristics that make someone a person of good character.

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Easy choices versus right choices

This journal writing prompt encourages high school students to see that making good, responsible choices has a better pay off than taking easy outs.

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Journal Writing Prompt for high school on Kindness

Good decisions and kindness

These writing prompts encourage teens to think about how good choices feel good and how kindness is its own reward.

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Growing from mistakes

These journal writing prompts help teens see that while mistakes are part of growing up, some mistakes have lesser consequences than than others.

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Journal Writing Prompt for high schol on Happiness

The road to happiness is winding

This journaling writing prompt helps teens see that sadness and happiness are both part of a healthy journey through life.

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Finding more happiness through self-acceptance

This journal writing prompt encourages high school students to see where they are comparing themselves to others while encouraging them to finding happiness with who they are.

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Identity and self awareness

The "You be you" writing prompts help teens to think about the qualities they admire, to appreciate the aspects of themselves they like, and prompts them to consider areas they'd like to improve. This journaling activity encourages self-awareness and self-care.

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Growing through life's challenges

These writing prompts encourage teens to find the lessons in life's challenges, and to grow from the experiences. This self reflection prompt helps high school students learn to manage emotions and build resiliency.

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Feeling bad can be a good thing

This journal writing prompt helps teens see that sadness usually comes and goes. And sometimes, feeling "bad" is a good thing since it helps us connect with empathy, or see that we need to make better choices.

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Social emotional learning for elementary age students

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

This journal writing prompt encourages teens to consider how fairness and responsibility affect relationships and their sense of self-respect.

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Healthy family relationships

With a quote about accepting your parents for who they are, these writing prompts help teens find something positive in their parents and encourage them to be accepting of the fact that parents are human too.

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Conflict Resolution

This quote with journal writing prompts helps teens develop healthier techniques for resolving conflict, including knowing what resolution they really want, and whether their approach is helping them reach it.

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Writing Prompts by Quote

Each of our quote pages includes a section with writing prompts and other activities releated to the quote. Choose a quote and scroll down to the Teaching section.

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