About Truth Be Told Quotes

Truth Be Told Quotes are bits of wisdom to share with tweens, teens and young adults that help them learn how to be good people. The quotes were born out of the experiences I had growing up with parents who emphasized the importance of taking personal responsibility and being aware of one’s impact on others. Then, while raising four children through their tween and teen years, I figured out that these life lessons are universal-- we all need some help growing into people we can be proud of.

The quotes of advice and teaching resources are the product of countless lessons my kids and I learned, through years of real-life practice. (Thanks, kiddos). I hope they’ll help parents, teachers, and young people embrace doing the right things for the right reasons.

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About the author

Colleen will tell you that having four kids is great because you start to see patterns. “When the first child ends up in a tangled heap after trying to ride his little sister’s rocking horse down the staircase (true story), you wonder if you’ve failed as a parent. By the fourth kid, you’re like, ‘This again? What'd I say the last 10 times this happened?’”

Colleen is the author of Super Easy Storytelling (a creative writing and storytelling website) and the Talking with Trees series (character building books and teaching resources for elementary school). She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Duke University. She and her family live in Oregon, USA.