Teaching resources for high school and middle school health, social emotional wellness class

Teaching resources

High School / Middle School Health and Wellness Class Activities

Memes and quotes are a new language with students today. Our Truth Be Told Quotes are designed to tap into the memorable imagery and shareable format of memes that today's high school and middle school students live by.

For each quote, discover important social emotional wellness issues from high school and middle school health curriculums. Covering important social emotional topics like healthy decision making, reducing risk, communication skills, family relationships, self awareness, happiness and emotions, growth and change... you'll find critical health class topics along with the resources you need to bring them into the classroom.

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Within each quote page, view the "teaching resources" section for social emotional wellness topics covered, writing prompts and discussion questions, and links to activities.

activities for health class and social emotional learning

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Social emotional wellness activities /lesson plans with clear objective, links to resources, mapping to curriculum.