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High School Social Emotional Development

high school writing prompt on Healthy Family relationships

Healthy Family Relationships Writing Prompt

Sometimes relationships with parents are rough. On this printable journal page, find a new perspective that just might bring some peace to the way you view your parents and their influence on our life. Scroll down to download and print the journaling PDF or explore even more writing prompts.

  • List three good traits your parent or guardian has.
  • List three things you've learned from a parent or guardian.
  • Choose a time when you were angry or frustrated with your parent / guardian. Retell the story from their perspective.

More writing prompts for this quote:

  1. What are your grandparents like? What was the culture like when your parents grew up? How might this have influenced the type of person your parents became?
  2. Do you identify more with one parent more than the other? Why? What traits or interests do you have in common? Is the other parent wrong for not sharing those traits or interests?
  3. List three good traits for each of your parents. List three things you’ve learned from each parent.
  4. Choose a time when you were really angry or frustrated with your parent. Retell the story from your parent’s perspective.