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High School Social Emotional Development

High school writing prompt on healing old wounds

Learn from Life's Tough Lessons Writing Prompt

There are moments in life that leave an emotional scar. Use these writing prompts to reflect on the lessons learned and to encourage growth beyond the wounds of the past. Scroll down to download and print the journaling PDF or explore even more writing prompts.

  • What is a moment in your life that left an emotional scar?
  • What is something you learned from that experience?
  • Which continues to help you grow now that the event has passed— the scar or the lesson?

More writing prompts for this quote:

  1. Did you ever do something as a child that seemed so embarrassing at the time, but now you can look back and feel ok about it? Is there something embarrassing in your life now that you might see differently later?
  2. What are some good things that can come from going through difficult situations?
  3. Did you ever learn a good lesson through a bad choice?
  4. What is a time when things didn’t go your way? Did you learn something about how to approach a similar situation next time?
  5. Is there a negative situation in your life that you are having trouble letting go? If you could find one positive thing in that negative situation, what would it be?
  6. If your friend made a mistake, what advice would you give him or her? If you made a similar mistake, would you give yourself the same advice or be harder on yourself?