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Truth Be Told Quotes Book of quotes and advice for teens / young adults

Truth Be Told Quotes Book

Real life advice for teens & young adults

Today’s teens don’t want to be talked down to with empty motivational speeches or self-righteous lectures. Recent research shows that young people know they need advice that will help them develop real life skills, like how to resolve conflicts, how to manage their own emotions, and how to make choices that will help them reach their goals.

Truth Be Told Quotes presents real life wisdom teens and young adults need, in a compassionate truth-telling tone. With a touch of humor, teens learn how they have the power to make choices to shape their own lives. Each quote and short paragraph offers a quick lesson in developing character and social emotional skills like:

  • Taking responsibility and making choices to create the outcomes they want
  • Managing emotions to grow through the ups and downs of life
  • Communicating to build positive relationships and manage conflict

Each truth is quick, visual, and relatable so teens can connect with the guidance they need that day, in that moment.

Social Skills Activities for the Truth Be Told Quotes book

Visual Format

Teens are used to visual formats, so each Truth Be Told Quote is presented on a beautiful photo from nature that encourages emotional connection and self-reflection. The inviting images and quotes are available in print and ebook formats.

Social Skills Activities for High School Teens

Free Printable Resources

Support their personal reflection with free downloadable resources like journaling pages, mindful coloring pages, and activities.


Print book: Soft cover, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 38 pages.
Ebooks: Available in full color style to match the print version.
ISBN print: 979-8-9867776-1-0 (third ed.)
ISBN ebook: 979-8-9867776-2-7 (third ed.)

Truth Be Told Quotes book in print and ebook

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