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High School Social Emotional Development

Teen SEL writing prompt- Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Writing Prompt

In any conflict, you're a lot more likely to get the resolution you're looking for if you first know what it is you really want, and if you're acting in way that will help you reach that goal. This writing prompts encourages teens to reflect on a recent conflict to see how they might work it out in a healthy way. Scroll down to download and print the journaling PDF or explore even more writing prompts.

  • Think of a conflict you've been in. Who was it with? What was it about?
  • What did you really want from it? An apology, a change in behavior, to be heard?
  • Did anyone make personal attacks, overreact, exaggerate? Did it help?
  • What sorts of approaches did help you get the resolution you wanted?

More writing prompts for this quote:

  1. Have you ever been in a discussion and someone said something hurtful? Did it help the discussion at all?
  2. Have you ever been in a discussion and felt like the other person wasn’t listening? Why didn’t they hear you?
  3. Think of the last argument you were in. What did you really want from the argument? Did you want the other person to acknowledge a wrong-doing? Validate your feelings? Change their behavior?
  4. Think of a problem you are having with someone in your life, a friend, parent, boyfriend/girlfriend. What do you want to change? How could you approach them about the issue while also staying focused on what you really want?
  5. Is there a difference between a discussion and an argument?
  6. Have you ever been in an argument and had to really consider where the other person was coming from? What did you change about your own behavior?
  7. What is the best scenario you have seen for how people resolve conflict? What traits did the people demonstrate that kept the argument civil?