Quote for teens about life lessons and growing up- 'Keep your lessons. Let go of your scars...'

"Keep your lessons.
Let go of your scars.
Make tomorrow a new day.”

-- Truth Be Told Quotes

Stuff happens— icky, painful, embarrassing stuff. Maybe a presentation goes badly even though you worked hard. Maybe it goes terribly because you didn’t work hard. Maybe that presentation is why you’ll live in infamy for the great hamster debacle.

But it’s precisely those challenging moments that give us the opportunity to learn something and to grow.

When one of life’s tough lessons has you down, you can wallow in it. Or, you can keep the lesson, let go of the scar, and make tomorrow a new day.

You don’t have to like what happened, but you can find a way to learn from it and to live differently after it.

And by the way, no one else is sitting around, their mind on a repeat loop, reliving the hamster debacle, over and over and over. You probably don’t need to either.

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Quote about growing up and forgiveness of self

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This quote is about sadness, mistakes, life, and growth. The quote can help young people see that sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes things don’t go the way we’d like them to. But the “bad” times are temporary and they are opportunities to learn something and to grow.

If you can learn the lesson, you may not have to go through the challenge a second time. It's better to stop beating yourself up, and instead focus on on learning the lesson so you can decide to make a different choice next time.

This quote on life lessons is also a reminder that it’s ok to forgive yourself. Growing up is full of ups and downs. It’s how you learn who and how you want to be. That tape that plays in one's head, reliving the awfulness of the mistake over and over-- it's not very helpful. It's ok to feel bad for a little while. Then the time comes to pick yourself up, resolve to make different choices in future, and let yourself move forward. In general, no one else is thinking about your mistakes as much as you are. Also see this quote: "It's ok to feel bad sometimes."

High School Health Class / Social Emotional Development topics:

Curriculum Topics

  • Happiness, emotions
  • Growing up/change


  • Negative moments can be used as growth opportunities
  • Learn your lesson and then learn to forgive (yourself)
  • We often think about our negative moments a lot more than other people are spending time thinking about them. Maybe don’t worry so much.
  • How to face sadness and learn to move forward

Character Traits/Values

  • Growth Mindset
  • Caring / Kindness
  • Forgiveness / Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Self Esteem/ Self Confidence

Self-reflection essay / writing prompts and discussion questions

High school health class and social emotional development lessons

Age Group: High school, young adult.

  1. Did you ever do something as a child that seemed so embarrassing at the time, but now you can look back and feel ok about it? Is there something embarrassing in your life now that you might see differently later?
  2. What are some good things that can come from going through difficult situations?
  3. Did you ever learn a good lesson through a bad choice?
  4. What is a time when things didn’t go your way? Did you learn something about how to approach a similar situation next time?
  5. Is there a negative situation in your life that you are having trouble letting go? If you could find one positive thing in that negative situation, what would it be?
  6. If your friend made a mistake, what advice would you give him or her? If you made a similar mistake, would you give yourself the same advice or be harder on yourself?

Health Class / Social Emotional Development Activities:

Growth and Forgiveness Skills Activities:

Age Group: High school, young adult

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