Quote for teens feeling sad -'It's ok to feel bad sometimes'

"It's ok to feel bad sometimes."

-- Truth Be Told Quotes

Everybody feels bad sometimes. In fact sometimes, you’re supposed to feel bad.

Like when you bumped into that guy and he spilled Starbucks all over his mom? That bad feeling was empathy—and it means you’re compassionate.

Or that time you did that totally embarrassing thing we swore never to mention? That bad feeling was appropriate shame, and it’ll keep you from running around howling narwhal mating calls so you can “feel like a unicorn of the sea.” (Again.)

And that time you felt terrible about lying? That was your conscience and it’ll help you remember to be a person you can be proud of.

Now sometimes, we feel bad about things we don’t really need to feel bad about. If you’re beating yourself up for something that wasn’t wrong or harmful, you may be ok just letting that go. And if you can’t stop feeling bad even though you try, it’s ok to ask for help.

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Quote about sadness and emotions

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This quote about sadness shows teens that it’s ok to feel sad sometimes. The quote reminds them that there are lots of reasons people feel sad or "feel bad" about having done something, and most are normal moments that rise up and fade away. Feeling a mix of happiness and sadness is a normal part of life and serves a healthy purpose. Sometimes feeling sad or bad is really about being compassionate. Sometimes feeling bad is your conscience helping you make better choices. And sometimes, people get stuck in a cycle of feeling sad and need help to get out of it. This quote on sadness, happiness, and overall emotional aspects of life is a good launching point to help kids understand their own emotions and to encourage them to know the difference between normal sadness and depression.

High School Health Class / Social Emotional Development topics:

Curriculum Topics

  • Positive relationships
  • Self-concept
  • Happiness/emotions
  • Growing up/change


  • Sadness and happiness are part of a healthy life
  • Understanding your own emotions is a healthy part of self concept
  • Having empathy for others
  • Listen to your conscience for healthier decision making

Character Traits/Values

  • Growth Mindset
  • Caring / Kindness
  • Forgiveness / Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Self Esteem/ Self Confidence

Self-reflection essay / writing prompts and discussion questions

High school health class and social emotional development lessons

Age Group: High school, young adult.

  1. What is empathy? Is it good to feel empathy even if it means you feel sadness? Should you have boundaries when feeling empathy?
  2. Is there a situation when being embarrassed or ashamed can help you? Are there situations when someone shames someone that is harmful?
  3. What are some things you can do if you feel a little sad? What if you try lots of things and still can’t stop feeling very sad? (See the activities section for resources on the difference between sadness and depression.)
  4. What are some signs that sadness is temporary? What are some signs that someone needs help overcoming their sadness?

Health Class / Social Emotional Development Activities:

Resources on Understanding Sadness / Emotions

Age Group: High school, young adult

Quote Mindfulness Coloring Page

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Resources on Sadness in Teens

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