Choices and Consequences Movie Scene

High School Social Emotional Learning Activity

Teen SEL activity choices and consequences movie scene worksheet

Choices and Consequences Movie Scene Activity


Students see the connection between their choices and consequences. Demonstrate how healthy choices lead to positive consequences and unhealthy choices lead to negative consequences.

Grade Level

High School, Middle School

Health / Social Emotional Topics

  • Being Responsibile
  • Making healthy choices
  • Reducing risk
  • Emotions, Happiness


Quotes and Teaching Notes

  • Quote "Making mistakes is part of growing up. Just try to make the kind your family can laugh about over holiday dinner." Teaching Notes
  • Quote “Doing good feels good” Teaching Notes
  • Quote "Sometimes you need to choose to do things you don’t want to do. But at least it’s your choice." Teaching Notes
  • Quote "You are connected to a family, a community, a world. Use your power wisely.” Teaching Notes
  • Quote "Just because you can doesn't mean you should" Teaching Notes



1. Choose a quote above to launch a discussion on the link between choices and consequences. See the full teaching notes for any of the quotes for helpful descriptions and discussion points.

2. Using the Choices and Consequences Movie Scene Worksheet, choose a movie plot and write a movie scene in which two characters make some choices. Show how good choices lead to good outcomes and how bad choices can impact safety, goals, relationships. Students should:

  • Connect actions to their consequences
  • Include how the characters feel when making the choices, and how they feel when experiencing the consequences
  • Include the impact that the characters' choices have on others.
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