Quote about showing respect and finding empowerment in sexuality- 'Take charge of your sexuality. Respect others'

"Take charge of your own sexuality.
Respect others’."

-- Truth Be Told Quotes

The majority of sexual offenses in our country are committed between people who know each other. Awareness is shifting, but clearly we’re not all on the same page. The solution? Respect each other.

You are worthy of respect. Know your own boundaries and make them clear. That might make other people unhappy. Too bad for them. You are worth standing up for.

On the other hand, respect the other person. It’s safe to assume that silence, “I’m not sure,” and “no” all mean “No.”

Manipulation and power plays are never cool. The secret tip you won’t find on any magazine cover is to pay attention and to show that you value each other’s worth.

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Quote about respect and empowerment in sexuality

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With the #MeToo movement, we are seeing just how often lines of respect and caring are being abused. Through this increased awareness, we as a society are sorting out where the lines should be. What’s the difference between flirting and harassment? Between consent and manipulation? How do we all learn to live and work together-- explore, grow, find love-- and keep it healthy?

I have two daughters and two sons- and I tell them all the same thing. It’s about respect. If you are mature enough to engage in anything of a sexual nature, you’d better be mature enough to pay attention and understand the other person’s perspective.

It’s not ok to just invade someone’s personal space. Slow down and ask. Consider the other person’s perspective and feelings. Then respect their answer without emotional manipulation. Sex should never be a bargaining tool. And if the person can’t respond and have that conversation coherently— back off and help them to safety.

If you’re feeling pressed, make your feelings known— loud and clear. And if the other person doesn’t like it? Too bad for them. Walk away. You are worth standing up for. You have power to change your physical and emotional situation. Give yourself respect even if the other person doesn’t.

Of course there are a lot of examples of abuse that this quote doesn’t apply to. But there are many situations in which this quote can help teens remember they are empowered to make choices that protect their own emotional and physical well being. They have the capacity to treat others with respect and to have positive relationships. And sometimes we all need the reminder that we are worthy of respect.

High School Health Class / Social Emotional Development topics:

Curriculum Topics

  • Healthy decision making and taking personal responsibility
  • Evaluating and reducing risk
  • Self awareness and healthy ways of managing changes
  • Understanding other perspectives
  • Self advocacy, empowerment
  • etting boundaries
  • Emotional wellness
  • Recognize internal and external influences on behavior


  • You are worthy of respect.
  • Your sexual partner is worthy of respect.
  • Advocate for yourself, set boundaries and be clear about it. You are worth protecting, even if it makes someone else upset.
  • Respect your partner. Listen and pay attention to their words, body language and intent.

Character Traits/Values

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Empathy
  • Caring

Self-reflection essay / writing prompts and discussion questions

High school health class and social emotional development lessons

Age Group: High school, young adult.

  1. What constitutes consent? What are the responsibilities of each person in an interaction? (For help read “What is Consent from RAINN.)
  2. What can you do if you are feeling pressured? (See this resource: How to Respond if Someone is Pressuring You.
  3. Watch this video, Consent is like Tea and discuss how consent for serving tea makes ideas about sexual consent more obvious.

Health Class / Social Emotional Development Activities

Respect and Empowerment in Sexual Situations Activities:

Age Group: High school, young adult

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