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"The great thing about growing up is you get to manage your own life.
The bad thing about growing up is you need to manage your own life ."

-- Truth Be Told Quotes

One of the best parts of becoming a young adult is the freedom to stretch your wings. But one of the hardest things about becoming a young adult is that your freedom requires responsibility. If you want to soar, it’s up to you to look after yourself and to make choices that will keep you on your path.

So, when it gets hard to keep doing the responsible thing, remember why you’re doing it—for your own quality of life and your goals. You are the boss of you and you’re starting to set your own course.

Oh and by the way, the more you establish a reputation for being trustworthy, the more freedom you’ll have to explore. And nothing feels quite like reaching a new waypoint on your journey knowing you earned it yourself.

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Quote Overview / Description

Quote about growing up and responsibility

This quote about responsibility and growing up reminds teens about the need for self control as they gain more freedom.


Teens have more and more freedom to choose how they live their lives. They can choose what they do and who they do it with. They can choose whether they do their work, pay their bills, and whether or not they make healthy choices. More and more the only person able to hold them accountable, is themselves.

Choices Lead to Consequences

While that freedom is exciting, it also means teens have more opportunity to impact their future, for the good and the bad. They can make good choices and feel the positive consequences. And they can make bad choices and suffer the negative consequences. It’s up to them what type of experience they want to have. They are in control of their own outcomes.

Trust is Built through Good Choices

Bad choices can have a negative impact on trust relationships with the adults in their lives-- which should mean a loss of the freedom they cherish. On the other hand, establishing a reputation as someone who makes healthy decisions encourages parents, teachers, even employers to offer more freedom and opportunity.

Self-control is in a Teen's Self-interest

Being responsible enough to make healthy decisions is in a teen’s own self-interest since they are creating their own consequences. This quote reminds teens they aren’t making a healthy choice because they're afraid to get caught making a bad one, or so their mom won't be mad. The time has come to make healthy choices for their own goals, freedom, and well-being.

Discussion questions / Writing Prompts

Questions to prompt discussion, journaling, essays for high school health class and social emotional development lessons:

  1. Imagine moving into your first apartment and having a roomate. What are some responsibilities you would each need to have? What are some courtesy ground rules you'd need to live well with someone else. Are you living now, with the courtesy and respect, that you would expect from someone else?
  2. When have you persevered to do the responsible thing even though something else sounded a lot more fun? Was it worth it?
  3. What’s something you’d do if you weren’t afraid of “getting caught” or “getting in trouble” with your parents? If they weren’t there to hold you accountable (or help you if it didn't turn out well), would you still think it was a good idea? What are some possible outcomes of doing it?
  4. If you decided to ignore some of your responsibilities, what would happen? How would your life be different?
  5. Think of a time when you wanted to do something but your parents or guardians thought it was a bad idea. If you were the parent in that situation, how would you approach it? What would you tell your own child?


Activities and worksheets for teen SEL / high school health and wellness lessons:

  1. Choices and Benefits Worksheet- "I Choose"- This worksheet-based activity helps teens see how making good choices helps them reach goals, have better relationships, improve self esteem.
  2. Connecting Choices and Consequences Worksheet- Help students see the emotional connection between between being responsible now and feeling good in the long run.
  3. Choices and Consequences Movie Scene Worksheet- With this printable worksheet, students write a movie scene that shows how choices impact both the decision maker and the people around them.
  4. Doing Good Feels Good Journaling Page- Printable journaling page encourages students to think about how making good choices leads to feeling good about yourself.

Coloring Pages

Download printable coloring pages for a mindfulness activity that features this quote.

  1. Classic coloring page
  2. Mastering Growth coloring page

Curriculum Topics

High School Health Class / Social Emotional Development Core Curriculum Alignment:

  • Healthy decision making, reducing risk
  • Positive relationships
  • Goal setting/ perseverance
  • Self-concept / empowerment
  • Growing up and change


  • Making healthy choices leads to good consequences
  • Having positive relationships with adults depends on trust and responsibility
  • Recognize how your decisions impact your ability to reach goals you've set for yourself

Character Traits/Values

  • Responsibility
  • Perseverance / Grit
  • Self Control

The quote and opening paragraph of this page are an excerpt from the Book, Truth Be Told Quotes: Teen Edition. Presented with permission from the author, Colleen Doyle Bryant. ©LoveWell Press. Find the print and ebook versions of Truth Be Told Quotes on the Shop page.

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