Quote for teens on growing up with responsibility- 'The great thing about growing up is...'

"The great thing about growing up is you get to manage your own life.

The bad thing about growing up is you need to manage your own life. ."

-- Truth Be Told Quotes

One of the best parts of becoming a young adult is the freedom to stretch your wings. But one of the hardest things about becoming a young adult is that your freedom requires responsibility. If you want to soar, it’s up to you to look after yourself and to make choices that will keep you on your path.

So, when it gets hard to keep doing the responsible thing, remember why you’re doing it—for your own quality of life and your goals. You are the boss of you and you’re starting to set your own course.

Oh and by the way, the more you establish a reputation for being trustworthy, the more freedom you’ll have to explore. And nothing feels quite like reaching a new waypoint on your journey knowing you earned it yourself.

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Quote about growing up and responsibility

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This quote about responsibility and growing up shows teens and young adults a new perspective about avoiding risky behaviors and making healthy decisions. As teens get more freedom, they have more opportunities to follow impulses and take greater risks. It can be tempting to live in the moment. This quote about responsibility and the link between actions and consequences helps remind them that they are making choices that will help or hinder them in reaching their goals.

Good choices have good consequences. Bad choices and bad consequences. Sure teens can choose the risky activity, but then they get to feel the negative consequences of their actions. Bad decisions can limit their ability to reach their goals and bad choices can have a negative impact on trust relationships with the adults in their life-- which should mean a loss of the freedom they cherish. What teen wants parents to feel like they can't trust them? Or likes parents to feel they need to check up on them? Or to have their freedom limited because they haven't proven themselves able to handle the responsibility?

On the other hand, establishing a reputation as someone who makes healthy decisions encourages parents, teachers, even employers to offer more freedom and opportunity. Persevering through challenges and being responsible enough to make healthy decisions has a huge benefit to the one making the good choices. This quote reminds teens they aren’t controlling their behavior for others, they are making healthy choices for their own goals, freedom, and well being.

High School Health Class / Social Emotional Development topics:

Curriculum Topics

  • Healthy decision making, reducing risk
  • Positive relationships
  • Goal setting/ perseverance
  • Self-concept / empowerment
  • Growing up/change


  • Making healthy choices leads to good consequences
  • Having positive relationships with adults depends on trust and responsibility
  • Recognize how your decisions impact your ability to reach goals you've set for yourself

Character Traits/Values

  • Responsibility
  • Perseverance / Grit
  • Self Control

Self-reflection essay / writing prompts and discussion questions

High school health class and social emotional development lessons

Age Group: High school, young adult.

  1. When have you persevered to do the responsible thing even though something else sounded a lot more fun? What is worth it?
  2. Choose a situation when someone needs to choose between doing something responsible and doing something irresponsible, for example getting up early to go to work or skipping work to go to the beach with friends. Write a scenario in which they do the responsible thing. How does it turn out? Next write a scenario in which they do the irresponsible thing? What were the consequences?

Health Class / Social Emotional Development Activities:

Activities on learning responsibility

Age Group: High school, young adult

Choices and Benefits Worksheet

Download an activity that helps students see that making good choices helps them reach goals, have better relationships, improve self esteem.

Quote Mindfulness Coloring Page

Download a printable coloring page for a mindfulness activity with this quote.

Connecting Choices and Consequences Worksheet

Help students see the connection between between being responsible and feeling good in the long run with this printable worksheet activity.

Choices and Consequences Movie Scene Worksheet

In this printable activity, students write a movie scene that shows how choices impact both the decision maker and the people around them.

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