Welcome to Truth Be Told Quotes! We're excited to launch our newest book and free teaching resources. By we, I mean me, Colleen, the author and web developer (it's a lean ship over here.) These quotes have been in development my whole life... many of the quotes started as lessons my parents taught me. (Thanks Mom and Dad.) The rest are quotes I've shared with our four children as they've bloomed into good human beings.

What you see here are the ideas that have developed out of real events in my kids' and their friends' lives... from the challenges that arise as kids learn to make healthy decisions, to consider other perspectives, and to find their independence and sense of self. You never know what event will spur an idea. As my kids often say, "You're not going to put that in your books, are you?"

We started this project about helping kids grow with my other series, Talking with Trees. The Talking Tree books and free teaching resources for elementary school aged students started with--you guessed it-- my kids lives back in elementary school. All the young kids I knew were learning important life lessons on being honest, responsible, respectful, caring. My family had certain quotes and ways of approaching the life lessons that seemed to really help the kids remember core principles when they needed to make choices. So, I wrote some books to help other families too.

Now that the kids are tween, teen, and young adults, we're all learning new lessons together. We're evolving the quotes and the life lessons for this brave new world of independence. So a quick shout out to my kids. Thanks for all those challenging moments that helped us grow as parents. (There's some mild sarcasm in that.)

Well, we hope you find the quotes and teaching resources helpful. We'll keep adding more, including a section of quotes for middle school students. So check back often.

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