The best graduation gift for 2019?

Real advice grads need... In a format they’ll actually read.

It’s that time of year when high school and college grads are heading out into the world, and we adults would love them to listen to a few bits of really good advice. If only you could put your years of wisdom into meme form.

Old School advice written for today's generation.

Discover Truth Be Told Quotes Books-- print and online books that share bits of wisdom in a format that speaks to today's teens and young adults.

  • The advice you wish someone had told you
  • Short, impactful quotes they’ll remember
  • Engaging images that inspire
  • A bit more to think about for each quote, in a tone they’ll want to read

Gift book for grads with advice and wisdom

Give a gift they'll really use...

The Truth Be Told Quotes Book is 40 beautiful pages that will motivate, guide, and inspire. Available as a print book, or gift-able Ebook for Apple, Android, and Kindle devices.

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