Quote for teens about connection and responsibility

Quote about responsibility and impact

"You are connected to a family, a community, a world. Use your power wisely.”
-- Truth Be Told Quotes

You have tremendous power. Everything you do sets off a cascade of ripple effects that impacts your family, your community, your world. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. Some actions set off rolling waves of goodness that raise up those around you. Some actions set off a tsunami that swamps others in the lumpy sewage of your consequences. In every careless or thoughtful act, you are the master of your universe. What kind of waves do you want to create?

Teaching Resources

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High School Health Class / Social Emotional Development topics:

Curriculum Topics

  • Emotional and social wellness
  • Decision making in risky situations
  • Role of self in healthy community and family relationships
  • Sense of control over your own life
  • Carrying out personal and social responsibilities


  • Your actions impact others’ health and well being
  • Consider consequences before acting
  • You can have a positive or negative impact, the choice is yours

Character Traits/Values

  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Self control
  • Caring

Self-reflection essay / writing prompts and discussion questions

High school health class and social emotional development lessons

Age Group: High school, young adult.

  1. In this quote, what does it mean to “use your power wisely”?
  2. What is the symbolism of the image behind the quote?
  3. What are some small ways you’ve seen people make a positive difference is someone’s life?
  4. Imagine it’s 5 years from now and the local newspaper is writing short paragraphs on people in the neighborhood. They ask around at your school, or work, or among your friends, neighbors, family. What would you want those people to say about you? How does that affect the choices you want to make today?
  5. Describe a time when your actions had consequences you didn’t anticipate. Were they good or bad?
  6. What is a random act of kindness you could do this week?
  7. What kind of waves do you want to create? How would you like to be remembered?

Perseverance Skills Activities:

Age Group: High school, young adult

  • Waves of Impact Worksheet

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